It Gets Bigger And More Impressive Every Year, Bedford Said, And I Think It Gives These Young Men The Proper Respect That They Deserve.

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Falk was a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award and is a semifinalist for the O'Brien Award. Carr is a finalist for the Biletnikoff Award. "It gets bigger and more impressive every year," Bedford said, "and I think it gives these young men the proper respect that they deserve. "So often these are the guys that don't get noticed and have to toil for so long in relative anonymity. So to see them be celebrated this way -- like it's the most important award there is --I'm happy that they do it justice." Bedford said he was working overseas earlier this fall when the movie, Greater, which tells the life story of Brandon Burlsworth, was released in theaters. He saw the movie for the first time Sunday after he arrived in Northwest Arkansas. Burlsworth was killed in April of 1999, shortly after he was picked in the third round of the NFL Draft by Indianapolis Colts. "Let me just say if you can watch that movie with dry eyes, either you're made of stone or you're a stronger person than I am," Bedford said. "I had tears streaming down my cheeks the whole time. "It really highlighted to me the essence of what I think makes this award special and what makes these young men special, because each one of these walk-ons can watch that movie and see points along the way and say, 'That happened to me.

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