If You Do Need To Cancel, You Must Send A Written Cancellation Request On Or Before Ownership (newspapers Owning Tv Stations In The Same Town, For Example) Is A Structural Issue.

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The search warrant, interviews and evidence quickly determined the threats were made by a then 16-year-old (juvenile) male with social disorders. After review of the evidence, it was determined no further threat to national security existed.” Edmond officials had no knowledge of the investigation until 2017.  “Edmond Public Schools was unaware of the nature or severity of the threats until contacted by law enforcement officials in June 2017,” said Susan Parks-Schlepp, public relations director for the school district. “By then the student had already graduated.” The student was not considered to be dangerous by the FBI.  Statements made by the student online made no mention “to a threat of school violence,” the FBI said. “In late spring 2017, a second threat was made with similar references as the first set of threats. A subsequent federal search warrant was obtained and investigations revealed the threat originated from the same juvenile,” the FBI said. “The United States Attorney's Office, Western District of Oklahoma, requested the FBI refer the case to the Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office.” Due to the nature of National Security Investigations, some of the investigation included classified documents.  “In order for the District Attorney's Office to obtain these documents, the Oklahoma City FBI was required to request declassification and use authority from FBI Headquarters. This process can be lengthy. At no time, however, was there an indication of an active threat to a school or danger to the public or the citizens of Oklahoma,” the FBI stated. In early February 2018, investigators learned the juvenile moved out of the country to reside with family members.  “The Oklahoma County District Attorney's Office issued its declination to prosecute the case on Feb. 16, 2018, citing the juvenile's mental health diagnosis, behavioral counseling, and relocation outside the United States,” the FBI said. When told the same student made a threat on a school computer, Oklahoma County prosecutors were notified but were unable to move forward.

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