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A Virginia ban on advertising drug prices made it difficult for consumers to find the best prices from local pharmacies. In response, a consumer advocacy group challenged the law on behalf of pharmacy customers. The advertising ban, they argued, restricted the right of consumers to hear what a pharmacist had to say and thus violated the consumers’ “right to know” under the First Amendment. The Supreme Court agreed, reasoning that First Amendment protection extends not only to the speaker, but also to the recipient of the speech. As a result, commercial advertising was constitutionally protected by the First Amendment. In the years following the ruling, Winkler explains, “the doctrine created by Virginia Pharmacy would rarely be used by consumers.” Instead, corporations used Virginia Pharmacy to expand their own rights. The tobacco and liquor industries cited the case to challenge restrictions on tobacco and alcohol advertising. Casinos invoked their commercial speech rights in overturning restrictions on television and radio advertising. Dairy producers invoked their free speech rights to defeat requirements to disclose the use of hormones. The case that had begun as a victory for consumer rights had turned into “a poignant, First Amendment version of buyer’s remorse.” Other times, however, corporations have been “at the cutting edge of constitutional litigation.” Indeed, Winkler argues that “numerous individual rights Americans hold dear today were first secured in lawsuits involving corporations.” Corporate newspapers in Louisiana were among the first movers to secure more robust rights to a free press. Frustrated with the media’s lack of support for his policies, Louisiana governor Huey Long set out to silence his critics. In 1934, Long persuaded the state legislature to pass an advertising tax on large-circulation newspapers. “[L]ying newspapers should have to pay for their lying,” Long reasoned.

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